Amazing Tennis Ball Jewelry

German designer Elke Munkert makes more traditional jewellery but it’s her sweeties line of tennis ball inspired bracelets and rings that caught my eye. I like the combination of hard anodized aluminum with the soft almost-fur of the tennis ball fabric.


Cool Hats on Ascot Ladies Day 2009

Ladies Day at the Royal Ascot is the heart and soul of England’s biggest flat racing meeting. The day is a celebration of the aristocratic origins of the race, and has developed into an important fashion and social event in its own right. Ladies Day is organized around the running of the Ascot Gold Cup, the oldest Group One race at the Royal meeting, and the biggest English flat race outside of the Classics. The race attracts widespread media attention and gives Ladies Day an authentic foundation of top quality thoroughbred racing. Annual Royal Meeting at Ascot provides one of the most colorful occasions on the racing calendar as female race-goers don hats that range from the wildly flamboyant to the sheer outlandish. A giant ice-cream cone, a black bird and 800 marshmallows featured on the vast array of exotic hats displayed at Berkshire’s Royal Ascot.


Bizarre Statues

Bizarre Statues


Creative and Stylist Sofas

Coliseum Sofa

Created in the shape of the famous Roman Coliseum, this sofa seems like a confortable rest place for gladiators.

Pixel Sofa

The fabric for the Pixel Sofa has been picked up by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat, based off of a concept by Cristian Zuzunaga, a Royal College of Art graduate. The contemporary couch is sure to grab everyone's attention by virtue of its wide spectrum of colors.

Tiger and Cow Sofa

Harrod's Stuffed Animals Sofa

This fun couch made of stuffed animals is displayed at one Harrods store.

Swimming Pool Sofa

Bocca Sofa

Sila, The Yoga sofa

The word Sila is a yoga expression, which means to sit cross-legged. The design intends to bring the tranquility of meditation to a modern, dynamic environment.

Groovy Banana

Yohanan Siskindovich's rocking couch design looks almost as fun as its wildly entertaining name, Groovy Banana. Siskindovich throws in the ol' "magazine rack" bonus feature, but we'd also shove blankets, books, dog toys, remotes, or even younger siblings in there--bring 'em along for the ride. A roll-up pod pad sits atop the Banana as to provide the utmost comfort whilst you rock.

Coffin Sofa

Call them coffins or couches, this pieces of furniture are worth $4,500 each. Designed using recycled 18 gauge steel coffins; the raw material was gathered from local funeral homes based in Southern California. Against the health and safety law that doesn't allow funeral homes to resell used coffins, these coffins were sold to public as the idea of recycling sound quite interesting. They cannot be used for burial purpose.

Wave Seat Sofa

Remember the story about Goldilocks and the 3 bears? While the bears were out, she helped her way into their house trying everything until she found the perfect fit. In hindsight she was on to something. We all want products designed custom just for us. The Wave Seat, by Jung Hoon Rhee, eludes to this old axiom and makes it possible thru the magic of nanotubes.

Songololo Sofa


Ties could be like this | New Trend of fashion

Pouring Beer Tie

Hot Dog Tie

Keyboard Tie

Soft Serve Shaped Tie

Taxi Cab Shaped Tie

Tetris Tie

Space Invaders Tie

Crossword Tie

Eye Chart Tie