Most Strangest Fashion Accessories

Jewelry flash drive

In the view of Philips & Swarovski, flash drive can be a fashionable thing, not only a storage device. Women gotta love these Jewelry flash drives!

The TV Bag

It is basically a handbag that includes an LCD screen of 7 inches. You can buy either the bag with the TV set or just the bag. This basically means that you can spear some money by purchasing different bag colors and just one TV. As expected, the handbag that first comes with a TV is more expensive than those without it.There are 7 different colors that can be chosen. They look both casual and professional and you will love the fact that you can play MP3 files, DVDs, music or images. The battery included will give you enough juice for around 2 and a half hours. This Bag TV surely is a very new concept in the fashion world.

Tear jewelry for the eye

The jewelry, which measures up to 14mm x 33mm, is attached to the contact using medical wire and hangs below the eye. The crystal accessories glimmer in sunlight and look as if the wearer is crying.

Sliced Barbie dolls jewelery

The disturbing range is made from sliced parts of the popular toy. Barbie's breasts have even been transformed into an eye-catching necklace and a pair of earrings features a string of Barbie ears. The unusual collection, created by New York designer Margaux Lange, has caught the eye of fashion-conscious gift-hunters who have been buying up items such as a pendant made from one of Barbie's eyes costing about £110.

Ice jewelry

To help keep cool on the hot summer days, fashion lovers can choose from rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces made of ice; though I wouldn't recommend building your outfit around these cool accessories, since depending upon the temperature, you may quickly find yourself in hot water once your outfit centerpieces have melted.

Pantyhose for men

If women are worried that their previously exclusive fashion domain is being invaded by men in mascara and man-bras, there's another cause for concern. “Mantyhose” are pantyhose for men, the latest in a string of men's fashion trends straight from the bizarre files. According to its website, “everyone, from truck drivers to cowboys, are wearing them.”

Scarf gloves

Fashion meets function when this brimmed gray hat doubles as a scarf and triples as gloves in this avante-garde accessory, from New York design genius TELFAR.

Botox-injected handbags

Besides the amazing leather quality, Orietti-Carella's accessories stand out with their unique sparkle, since the bags are coated with special layer of 18-carat gold and silver dust mix. The designer's accessories are popular among such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Cindy Crawford.